"With the first link the chain is forged, the first speech censored, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all irrevocably."

CAMELOID is a new Peer-2-Peer project created to ensure privacy of communications between multiple individuals. This system is based on only known encryption algorithms (no 1 million bit encryption, sorry!). CAMELOID uses a secret-key over secret-key exchange, no public-key system is used. This methods works best for this type of system, it acts a means of authentication to ensure that only the person you call is the person you want to talk to.

The updated technical specs for CAMELOID are available in here in English
Checkout screenshots of CAMELOID video here


November 27th, 2005:

CAMELOID version 0.1.8c will be released very soon. This version will have NAT busting capabilities and code improvements.

November 10th, 2005:

CAMELOID version 0.1.8b released. Some minor fixes... Also the inclusion of CAMELOID Secure Instant Messenger. Checkout the screenshots at the above link.

November 4th, 2005:
CAMELOID voice (0.1.8a) released and CAMELOID video (0.0.3a) released. CAMELOID video is included in the package of CAMELOID voice.

October 29, 2005:

New *Cameloid Video* soon to be released for linux. The same high level of security as Cameloid Voice but for video!!!. Also latest version of Cameloid Voice to be released (0.1.8a).

October 5, 2005:
First ( hopefully :) ) stable version of CAMELOID released (0.1.7)

September 29, 2005:
Updated cameloid design and specs versions below 0.1.7brc4
will not be compatiable. So please download the latest version currently 0.1.7.

October 1, 2005:
New guide to CALEA (written by raven) in "Anti-CALEA" section.

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Doctor Tek
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E-mail: blackhawk0ver [AT] hushmail.com
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